Those damn Zika blinders, just take ’em off

What if… bear with me now. Just… what if it’s not Zika and the mosquitoes that carry the virus, but rather… pesticides? Pesticides which Brazil already sprays in monstrous proportions everywhere, but particularly in its northeastern region where the vast number of microcephaly cases are occurring. If, just if, it IS the pesticides, and NOW the Brazilians are doubling up on their use (to kill the Zika-carrying pests) in places where people live and work and sleep and play and swim and eat and drink…

Might that not tremendously aggravate the microcephaly epidemic to unknown proportions? Might we not be dumping fuel on an already robust fire? Might we not unknowingly be digging ourselves into an ever deeper hole we may never be able to correctly dig out of? I’m just saying… Why not stop for a moment, take a deep breath, look around, and CONSIDER even the remotest possibility that we, in all our scientific and medical glory, may be looking in the wrong place?


3 thoughts on “Those damn Zika blinders, just take ’em off

  1. The thing that troubles me most is that public perceptions are greatly influenced by the transparently orchestrated media scare campaigns. I’m currently overseas, but at home in Australia, even the supposedly impartial news source, the ABC, was running feature news stories about the supposed “zika threat.” all last week. I’d hazard a guess that Brazilian health officials and journalists are even more “purchaseable” than Australian ones- there’s apparently no limit to who can be bought in the service of public health misinformation.

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