Stunning thought capacity

“Pain that newborns experience from routine medical procedures can be significant, especially in premature infants with more intensive health needs. Research suggests that repeated exposure to pain early in life can create changes in brain development and the body’s stress response systems that can last into childhood.  Because of this, a new American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement recommends every health facility caring for newborns should use strategies to minimize the number of painful procedures performed, and routinely monitor and treat pain with greater emphasis on proven non-drug interventions. Authors of the statement said that routinely giving newborns sucrose and glucose to reduce pain during procedures is effective, but there are concerns that excessive use can affect neurological development. At the same time, the authors said, safe and effective interventions such as skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding remain underutilized.”

— American Academy of Pediatrics

We are so fortunate to have the American Academy of Pediatrics. God knows what we do without these experts to perform such high level, qualitative study and analysis. The thought capacity here is stunning.

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