The mariachi music is making me crazy!

When I write about the growing fear over the “darkening” of America, I am not really referring to racism… although, of course, racism and bigotry continue to be a huge problem in this country (on all sides of the political spectrum). I’m referring to the unusually fast-paced growth in immigrants (… often, illegal immigrants) from Latin America. Here is a relevant excerpt from an article in today’s Wall Street Journal:

<< A Wall Street Journal analysis of census data shows that counties in a distinct cluster of Midwestern states—Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota—saw among the fastest influxes of nonwhite residents of anywhere in the US between 2000 and 2015. Hundreds of cities long dominated by white residents got a burst of Latino newcomers who migrated from Central America or uprooted from California and Texas. >>

This is the sudden shift in ethnic make-up of communities throughout the US that has scared the hell out of so many Americans. It is one of the things that fuels the cry of let’s “make America great again.” You know, back in the days when we were almost entirely all white and our kind of Christian. More burgers and fries and less tacos and pupusas. More ketchup, less salsa. More rock & roll and less mariachi music. Oh God, that mariachi music!

Unfortunately, what is seldom discussed is WHY so many people have migrated to the US from Central America during the last two decades? Most Americans would respond to such a question with the ridiculously simplistic and naive answer: “They’re coming here in search of jobs and economic opportunity. You know, the American dream.” WRONG. Most are emigrating to the US because their countries are in a state of war, fueled largely by money from the sale of illegal drugs to US consumers and guns sold by US gun shops along the Texas-Mexico border. We just love our guns and drugs!

Most illegal immigrants do not wish to remain in the US. They would rather go back to their families and villages and culture. But they are scared to death. You think a mere wall is going to stop these individuals? Yeah. WRONG again. But you know what would actually increase the flow of more illegal immigrants? Abrogating free trade treaties like NAFTA. Surprise!