You catch the flu because your susceptibility is up. It has to do with your immune system.

god, I have a thought… Could it possibly be that the reason this so-called flu “season” is apparently so bad has absolutely nothing to do with the absurdly ineffective flu vaccine or the virulence of this year’s flu virus strains and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that people are so chronically ill and just generally unhealthy? And could it be that the reason people are so sick and unhealthy has something to do with the stupid things people do to themselves that pretty destroy their immune systems?

Might it be within the realm of possibility that one of the main reasons peoples’ immune systems are shot to hell is that, rather than strengthening our immune systems as we’ve been sermonized by medical and public health “experts,” vaccines actually shred our immune systems? And that, ergo, THAT’S why so many people are walking zombies—sniffing, sneezing and coughing everywhere—pumping themselves up with pain and sleeping pills to ease the symptoms of their immune deficiencies and overall rotten health?

I cannot recall the last time I got a vaccine. Neither can I remember the last time I got the flu. Yeah, the two events may be unrelated. But I doubt it. I do find it curious that those people I know who are always going around getting a vaccine for this, a vaccine for that are always getting sick. I never cease to be amazed how often I run across people suffering with flu who paid good money to get the flu shot. It always seems to be the same people too. Are people really THAT thick?