It’s a drag Maggie

<< But the skeptics have taken on a brasher, bolder tone in recent months. They once argued that they were only for safer vaccines, but an increasing number now say most or all vaccines are dangerous, and some accuse the federal government, physicians and the “mainstream” media of colluding with drug companies to deliberately poison children using vaccines. >> Source: Maggie Fox, NBC News

Yes Maggie, we have become brasher and bolder of late. Why? Because we are under attack by a powerful and greedy industry; ignorant, fearful and lazy healthcare “professionals”; and corrupt, idiotic legislators. You do what you have to do when your most basic freedoms are under siege, your children are threatened, your species is faced with extinction. It’s kind of like this natural reaction, you know… instinct. It’s called SURVIVAL. Survival of the fittest against the increasingly unfit but more numerous. It’s just weird how they want to insist on dragging us all down with them. It’s a drag Maggie