Sure I’m dogmatic about vaccines

I’ve been called “dogmatic” when it comes to vaccines. Yeah, I suppose I am. I’m every bit as dogmatic about vaccines as those who swear by them. The only difference is I actually like to read, study, learn, analyze, question, and write. Anyone can memorize old science and faulty history and mindlessly parrot it at the drop of a hat.

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One thought on “Sure I’m dogmatic about vaccines

  1. You have to be dogmatic about such a serious issue – kids (and all ages) dying and being harmed every single day is nothing one can be casual about. I’ve been called arrogant by a (now former) long time friend as it sounded that way when I wrote about what research has revealed about vaccines but also what really got her was the audacity (and arrogance) I was expressing as it meant that I didn’t trust doctors! She implicitly assumes (and also wrote) that since they study the body so much, OF COURSE, they’d know that vaccine they’re recommending was good for their patient. I’m also alienated from my brother since he also believes the myth shoved into most of our brains about needing to honor science and that without vaccines we’d go back to polio and the dark ages diseases. So yes, this is a pretty hot button subject! Thank you for all you post about vaccines. Your contributions are always so valuable!

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