Just wait and see, Trump will fire Mueller

It will be fascinating to see what happens when Trump fires Robert Mueller. This is not as outlandish a possibility as it may sound. Remember, Trump isn’t primarily concerned about the state of the country; he is mainly concerned about the state of Donald Trump. If he senses Mueller is getting too close for comfort (such as if he subpoenas Trump’s tax returns or subpoenas Trump to testify under oath), I think Trump will fire him. Remember, Trump is under the naive impression that Mueller’s investigation will be over relatively quickly, when in fact it may well go on for months or even years. Yes, dispatching Mueller will set off a political firestorm like we’ve never seen before… a President firing the Special Prosecutor appointed by his own Deputy Attorney General… but remember Trump is a sociopath, he will do or say anything to survive, no matter how crazy, grotesque, and ultimately self-destructive. This is perhaps the biggest problem with having an overly self-absorbed, cowardly President with the total absence of shame.