Who needs gratitude

Very seldom do I “win” arguments about vaccines with my friends and relatives. Very seldom do I expect to. Still, it never (… and I mean NEVER) discourages me from forcefully stating my opinions and offering the fruits of my three years of intense research. It takes every bit of strength I have (… and a couple of deep belly breaths) to keep from losing it when someone predictably waves me off as not knowing what I’m talking about. I have to remember not to take it personally or get overly annoyed—that that’s just what happens when you try to turn someone’s world upside down.

Being the messenger of bad news often stirs up unpleasantness. Still, I persist. I do so because I feel a nagging pain to plant a seed (of doubt) that may one day save a life/s. Perhaps that seed will make someone think twice about a vaccine or cause them to more promptly see the link between the vaccine they’ve allowed to be given and the subsequent ill-effects they’ve “coincidentally” detected. There’s always a price to be paid for attempting to change a universe. But I figure, what the heck. I owe it to those I know and care about. Who needs gratitude, right?

(The inspiration for this rant came from my good friend Richard.)

Ahhh, I feel much better now.