Thanks for nothing Germany

I don’t really understand how governments around the world can recognize Mr. Hernández as the winner of the election and then call for a “dialogue” between the opposing sides. What exactly is there to dialogue about? If someone steals something from you and they are unwilling to give it back, then what’s left to talk about? The latest example of this strange call is by the government of Germany, which recently stated: “All those responsible should commit themselves to looking for a peaceful solution for the good of the country.” Sure sounds reasonable. But the statement would carry vastly more weight and meaning if the recognition of a winner had been delayed until AFTER a peaceful solution to the electoral crisis were had by the Honduran people. The hasty recognition, in fact, makes it MORE difficult to look for a peaceful solution, not less. It complicates the process because it gives an already powerful side more power, and thus diminishes the willingness of that side to give up that power. Thanks for nothing Germany.