The Republican party is now a cult. Lovely.

The following is a quote from former GOP political strategist Steve Schmidt. It is so on target that I just had to share.

“It’s not just that Trump is assaulting objective truth, this is a political strategy. This is about a demand for obedience. This is the transformation of a smaller Republican party to a cult of personality where what the leader says is true is true. Where what the leader feels to be true is true. If you can subordinate reality at the command of a political leader, you are no longer functionally living in a democracy… whether it’s inside the United States or not. For a faction of this country, they have surrendered their sovereignty, their intellectual autonomy to Donald Trump. When you’re able to convince somebody what is certainly true is not, when you can embrace the big lie with the same type of effectiveness that fascist movement used it, that Hitler used it, that Mussolini used it, that Soviets used it, then you are well on your way to doing grave and lasting damage to the fundamental institutional pillars of a democratic republic like the United States.”

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