Think how crazy this is. Trump the businessman has most of the products he sells (ties, baseball hats, shirts, etc.) made in China. He makes money off of stuff that he has made in China instead of in the United States. Trump the President imposes tariffs on China because he believes China is trading unfairly and is taking advantage of the US, causing a loss of US jobs and income to some Americans such as farmers. Now, in order to minimize harm to many of these farmers (many of whom support him), what does Trump do? Well, he decides to raid the US piggy bank and offer money to these people. Now, bare in mind it’s not Trump’s money. It’s OUR money. The Peoples’ money. See this is what gets me. The guy is hypocrite and a liar. He gets elected using a phrase like “Let’s make America great again”, and yet it’s precisely businessmen like him who have helped to cause much of America’s economic slide. People like him who love to take advantage of cheap foreign labor so they can line their pockets with gold. Then they blame others (liberals, mainly) for this very same practice. And people fall for it and see him as their savior. These people are chumps. Chumps I tell ya.

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