You can’t govern when 8 out of 10 are against you

The following is an insightful quote from Salvador Nasralla about the difficulty, if not impossibility, of Juan Orlando Hernández being able to govern Honduras as a president who is believed to have stolen the election by at least three-quarters of the Honduran people. And perhaps as high as 80 percent. I’ve had several people in Honduras tell me that for every 10 people they meet on the streets it is hard to find two who think President Hernández won the election legitimately.

[Decir publicamente que Juan Orlando Hernández no tendrá gobernabilidad] es un diagnóstico… Juan Orlando Hernández no va poder gobernar. ¿Por qué? Porque no va poder ni siquiera salir a ningún lugar público porque la gente le va empezar a decir cosas. Y los funcionarios de su gobierno también. El hombre, de hecho, nunca anda por tierra, solamente anda por aire. … Yo creo que ellos deben entender que gobernabilidad pasa por la aceptación de, por lo menos, la mitad de la población. … ¿Vos podes estar en una casa donde viven 10, de los cuales ocho están en tu contra? ¿Podes dormir tranquilo?

The quote is from an interview Mr. Nasralla gave on the TV news show Hechos on December 28, 2017. Click here and go to the 35:38 mark.

Here’s the English translation:

[Saying publicly that Juan Orlando Hernández will not be able to govern] is a diagnosis…  Juan Orlando Hernández will not be able to govern. Why? Because he will not even be able to go out to any public place because people will start to say things to him. And to the officials of his government also. The man, as it is, never moves by land, only by air. … I believe that they should understand that the ability to govern requires the acceptance of, at least, half of the population. … Can you be in a house where 10 people live, of which eight are against you? Can you sleep peacefully?


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