Turns out you really needed that appendix, those tonsils. Oops!

Remember when doctors told you, hey, you don’t need your tonsils… let’s take them out? Well, turns out they were wrong. They’re, like, really important to your immune system. But how could that be? It was all supposed to be based on SCIENCE, right? You trusted the “experts,” and the experts got it wrong. Wow. What a drag. Hey and, oh, what about that appendix? Yep, they were wrong on that one too. Really really vital for your gut health. Jeez Louise, what the hell do they teach ’em in med school! Yeah, I’m really gonna follow their advice on vaccines.


12 thoughts on “Turns out you really needed that appendix, those tonsils. Oops!

  1. I’d really like to know more but you put 0 actual facts in this very short poorly written article so I trust myself and others with a medical degrees over whoever you happen to be.

    • Macie – do you believe that your body went to the major effort to form very complex organs for no reason then? There is nowhere else in nature where that happens. Why would the human do so do you think?

      And do you believe that because medical science doesn’t yet publicly state that there are important functions that the appendix and the tonsils deal with, that this must be the last word on the matter?

      Do you remember when medical science said that brain cells could not regenerate – and that once damaged or not working, nothing could be done? It was recent.

      Now that medical scientists have worked out how to market what they call ‘Neuroscience’ and it is lucrative – suddenly what was actually ‘proven’ and ‘unquestionable’ over fifty years ago has now of course been publicised to the opposite effect and it is highly profited from.

      Too bad for all those who were told that there was no point in attempting to heal their brain injuries hey?

      And in case you are wondering what I am going by – my own experience in this and by studying everything possible about the human body and researching the research from all possible sources about any theoretical perspective on health matters ever since I proved in my life many years ago that the ‘brain cells do not regenerate’ belief was very wrong. And I was called ‘an exception’ and many other less affirmative things for my efforts. What was really meant was that there were no plans in place to make a profit from admitting what was already known at that point.

      • Useless organs, appendages, bones et cetera do happen in nature. That’s quite a broad stroke your colouring there. Whales have leg bones. These useless pieces are called vestigial structures. You have it backwards. Our bodies developed these organs for some reason, but perhaps don’t serve much of a use now.

    • Agreed!
      It’s absolutely true these organs, like all of our organs, are vital to the whole. But this was such a throw-away it doesn’t even qualify as an article. More like a long tweet. I was looking for the actual article, lol! The only people sharing this are those who didn’t bother to read it.

  2. This poorly written, incomplete paragraph really showed Big Pharma.. nice work. I’m gonna go have my tonsils and appendix put back in based on your solid medical refutation of the practice, thanks for showing me the way.

  3. My appendix about killed me at 13 and every summer until I was 16 I had streptococcus continuously, that is until they were removed. Sooooo… I’m calling bullshit on this one.

  4. Now, I am curious about what school did this so-called journalist go to? When you start an argumentative piece of writing you must have facts and properly cite sources for your audience. You must make sure that the source that you’re quoting is a reputable source to add strength to your argument. Have you ever heard of doing extensive research on your subject matter first? Then write your first draft. Read over your first draft. Then make corrections to your first draft. Do more research on your subject to answer any possible questions regarding this claim that may arise from the presentation of this subject. Then write your second draft to include strong evidence to support your arguments (don’t forget to grammar check and cite reputable sources.) Do more research to where you could be the next expert on tonsils and appendixes answer things like how they function? What can a person do to correct any malfunctions with them? In other words, how to guard against extraction of either? When you don’t have anything supporting your claims all you have is your opinion. How are you to give your opinions any weight when clearly this article is incomplete and very poorly written!

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