Dorit’s brave new world

Ah, so this is where they’d like to take us. I see now. Earthlings like Dorit envision a world in which armed police and perhaps even soldiers (… why not, right?) go door to door forcing people to get all of their government-mandated vaccines. Holding people down while guys and gals in white lab coats giddily jab syringes in them filled with toxic vaccines. Manhandling them and their children. Informed consent rights, basic personal liberties? Toss them out the window. You no longer live in a free society. You no longer have control over your bodily integrity. The government owns you and your children. That is Dorit’s brave new world. That is what would make this brilliant ethical, legal mind happy. An oppressive, repressive, authoritarian state. Sure, that’s never been tried before. Probably work out just fine.

2 thoughts on “Dorit’s brave new world

  1. Dorit needs a taste of her own “medicine” that’s all I have to say, someday Karma will get her it’s all just a matter of time.

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