The diminishing Trump administration

<< Secretary of State Rex Tillerson once referred to President Trump as a “moron” during a high-level Pentagon meeting as he mulled quitting this summer, according to a new report. >>

When will Trump supporters realize that it’s not the Democrats and Liberals (… or me, for that matter) who are constantly criticizing and attacking their guy that are to blame for the disaster that is the Trump administration. All you have to do is look at the long line of people WITHIN the Trump administration who have been fired, resigned, or just walked out the door and said the “hell with it.” Last week, it was Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price. Before that, God, I’ve lost count. Probably next will be Rex. That alone offers plenty of evidence that the disaster is of Trump’s own making. Sociopaths do not know how to get along with people. They are sick, mentally imbalanced, and eventually this has a way of coming out in personal and professional relations. That is primarily why sociopaths should NEVER be in positions of authority. That is why they are so dangerous and destructive. When a sociopath like Trump comes to power at such a high level in the United States, it is up to every American to be a patriot and speak out against this threat. If you don’t wish to speak out, that’s up to you. Search your conscience. But please do not attempt to silence those who do. That will never wash. That, I find truly un-American and disgusting.


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