A majority of one

I always used to wonder what I would do with a liberal arts education. I had friends who became doctors, scientists, or engineers. I mean, the sciences always seemed more tangible—something you could imagine would be more useful in a practical sense. You could easily see how doctors, scientists, and engineers could make the world a better place. Liberal arts? Eh. Yeah, you could teach or go on and get a law degree. Politics maybe. You could write novels or compose poetry. But it was just harder to imagine when you were younger (… in your 20s) what solid skills you could bring to the table. Now, I know. A liberal arts education is designed to eliminate all boundaries for learning, questioning, doubting, and dissenting. Ideally, it eliminates the fear of going it alone and always speaking your mind by instilling an assurance that, in matters of truth, you need not rely on consensus. That you can be a majority of one. Have I ever told you what I think of vaccines?


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