Medicare for all? Uh, no.

Bernie Sanders to introduce universal health insurance bill backed by 15 senators

You know, until we have a painfully blunt and honest national conversation about WHY WE ARE SO SICK, then I don’t think the US government should spend any more money on this so-called “healthcare” thing. Americans are sick precisely BECAUSE of the kind of “healthcare” the so-called healthcare system is providing, not despite it. Remember, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US. Now, how damn crazy is that? The system is largely based on treating symptoms with prescription drugs (most of which are harmful to a large degree or to some lesser degree) and addressing infectious disease with an increasing number of mandated toxic vaccines, rather than with common sense and a more accurate understanding of the history of the decline in infectious disease. Why should taxpayers pony up even a dime more to prop up a disastrous system that should more appropriately be called a “disease care and promotion” system. Sorry Bernie.


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