Good questions Kathy McGrath

“If vaccine injuries were occurring on a scale like this, why wasn’t anybody doing anything about it? And why wasn’t the media reporting on them? … I have never personally known anyone who was injured by vaccines. So I got to thinking: how often do vaccine injuries actually occur, in real life? There must be an official database of them somewhere, right?” — Kathy McGrath, Voices for Vaccines 

Good questions Kathy. Could it have something to do with ignorance, stupidity? Could it have anything to do with the power of money and greed. How ‘about fear, peer pressure? Anyways, just because you don’t think you personally have known anyone who was injured by vaccines doesn’t mean you haven’t. Try opening your eyes a bit wider, your mind. As to your question about how often vaccine injuries occur, hey, you’re in luck… I just wrote an article about this. Check it out: “Odds of Vaccine Harm are One in a Million?” I wrote it thinking of people exactly like you.



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