Nothing unethical about a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study. What, chicken?

“Some parents are calling for more long-term clinical studies to assess the health risks of vaccinations. Ethicists caution that such studies are unethical because half of the volunteers would receive the vaccine and half would receive no vaccination, placing half of the volunteers at risk.”  — Ruth Fischback and John Loike, Spectrum

Yes. It would place half of the volunteers at risk of not developing autism and a wide range of other neurological damage disorders, as well as autoimmune diseases. This excuse by ethicists for not conducting a large, prospective cohort study comparing vaccinated children with unvaccinated children is a giant crock. Trust me, there is a near endless line of parents who would gladly participate in such a study with their children because they would never ever consider injecting their offspring with neurotoxin chemicals and heavy metals to begin with. Now, that would just be plain stupid. So there would be nothing unethical about them taking part. They would be fine. The other half? Hmm, not so much.


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