Ah Virginia, my home

It is appropriate that Virginia is at the center of this issue of the rise of White Nationalism and all those things (including Trump) that are fueling this rise. Most of the battles of the US Civil War were fought on Virginian soil. I was born in Honduras, but I’ve lived, learned and worked in Virginia for nearly half a century. So Virginia is my home. One of my favorite places to walk and reflect is Manassas battlefield where the first battle of the Civil War was fought. Standing prominently and gallantly at that battlefield is a statue of Stonewall Jackson, a great general but horrible human being. Sadly, that battle was won by the South. Sadly, we apparently still haven’t defeated the South, or at least those who seek to revive the repugnant racist and bigoted values that Southerners held so dear and fought for. Sadly, we have President who sympathizes.


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