No limits for sociopathic liars and crooks

There is NOTHING honest about Donald J. Trump Pretty much everything that comes out of his thin-lipped pursey mouth is either a lie or a severe distortion of the truth. Even the slogan Make America Great Again was stolen, lifted from someone else, namely Ronald Reagan. In 1980, Reagan used the slogan Let’s Make American Great Again for his presidential campaign against then-President Jimmy Carter. (Think about this all of you who’ve proudly donned that red baseball cap.) Trump supporters should’ve realized early on that their guy was a fundamentally dishonest and shameless earthling. (Sadly, perhaps they did.) I mean, if you can’t even come up with an original slogan for your run at the US Presidency, if you have to steal it, then surely you’re willing to steal anything, lie about anything, do anything to advance your self interests, including destroy your country and other countries. There are no limits for sociopathic liars and crooks, particularly wealthy, powerful, and shameless ones. History has taught us this over and over again. Ugh, we’re getting another lesson now.


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