Silencing Polly in the land down under…

‘Australia is literally the worst country’: US anti-vaxxer BANNED from Australia after secret screenings of film critical of child vaccinations

For the debate on vaccine safety and effectiveness to be fair, there must be a level playing field. Scientific truth can never be legitimate if it is based on silencing those who dissent from mainstream scientific beliefs, theories, and constructs. There is no way science can ever self-correct and advance in such a tilted environment. The excuse of the silencers is that the science on vaccines is settled and, thus, must be protected and preserved. Think about how small and stupid that sounds. No, the silencers do what they do out of fear. Plain fear. Fear that they’re wrong and may be exposed. If they were confident in their science and valiant in their character, they would not be inclined to silence anyone. (Thank you Polly.)


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