The vaccine paradigm has crashed

Paradigms crash all the time. Yeah, it’s a drag. But it happens. I still remember the day I found out there was no Santa Claus. I remember the day I learned how babies were really made. I remember the day I decided I was done with the Catholic Church because of the revelations of institutional abuses of countless children and the subsequent cover-up. I remember the day I unloaded the traditional concept of “God.” I remember the hour I realized Donald Trump would become President.

Many of the paradigms we know, believe in, and treasure are built on a compendium of lies or, at the very least, extreme falsehoods. And when it dawns on you that it is so, you either shed the paradigm and move on or you try to cling to it and make sense of or excuses for the inexplicable new information that does not jibe with what you’ve always known as gospel. The vaccine paradigm is no different. It has crashed. Bigtime. So we grieve and we move on. This holding on stuff is for the birds.


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