Oh Jared, dear dear boy…

I watched Jared Kushner give his prepared statement yesterday about his alleged collusion with the Russians. My God, the guy is little more than a kid with a permanently pasted dear-in-headlights look on his face, an expensive suit, and boring skinny tie. It was like watching a junior high school student read his paper about what he did during the summer.

I wouldn’t hire Jared to be my intern, yet the idiot manchild in the White House has assigned his son-in-law responsibility for negotiating peace in the Middle East; solving America’s opioid epidemic; diplomacy with Mexico; diplomacy with China; reforming the criminal justice system; and reinventing the entire government and making it work like a business?

Jared’s relevant skillsets and experience? A big fat zero. Yes, he’s got lots ‘o money, but he’s not exactly a self-made man, he didn’t earn it. Daddy (… you know, the guy who went to prison for  illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering) gave it all to his sweet boy. (Oh, just gag me with a spoon.)


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