Listen up allopaths…

I call on the allopathic medical community to change its philosophy from one based primarily on alleviating symptoms of illness to one focused mainly on identifying the causes of illness and then coming up with a cure, with the understanding that, often, the causes aren’t great mysteries but rather the product of things individuals and communities do to themselves… so the “cure” is, often, just STOP doing the harm. I think medical doctors should aspire to become first-class analysts and investigators and put aside their great tendency to be little more than drug dealers and vaccinators.


One thought on “Listen up allopaths…

  1. Well, that’s the primary inherent mindset of allopathy, I’m not sure you can succeed. They want to fight. It’s great when you’re treating injury or trauma, not so great when you try to avoid a future illness. How do you convince them to stick to treating trauma and injury and leave the rest to those who are looking for the cause of the condition?

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