Good God, just how inept can you get on healthcare reform…

Two words on the Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare: Inept and Insincere. Of course, it was a colossal failure. In the end, though, both Republicans and Democrats are clueless because neither side is seriously addressing the question of… “Why are Americans So Sick?” The dramatic and seemingly unending rises in “healthcare” costs in the United States has everything to do with the reality that more and more Americans each year are suffering from a wide range of chronic illnesses and diseases, and those conditions aren’t be helped by “modern medicine” but rather are either being caused or aggravated by it. Then there is the more critical fact that Americans are largely harming or killing themselves by what they put in their mouths or inject into their bloodstreams, not to mention their habitual immobility. Neither Republicans nor Democrats seem to have the slightest understanding or courage to admit these very basic flaws in our science and culture that are behind the health crisis in our country.


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