Compulsory vaccination in Italy and France? Oh, just you wait.

These draconian compulsory vaccination laws being passed in Italy and France seem to be waking up the masses in those countries. The Italians are taking to the streets by the thousands in cities throughout Italy. Why? Because they are infinitely more skeptical about their government than we Americans are about ours. Yeah, we complain a lot about our government, but generally we tend to trust our government… at least when it comes to public health policy. Not so for the Italians. And perhaps not so for the French either. The French are less gullible about vaccines than even the Italians. I expect they will be in the streets en masse very soon now that the French government has proposed compulsory vaccinations in that country as well. Oh how I wish America would awake in similar fashion. I sense it is coming. Perhaps Italy and France will show us the way so that we can begin to put this nightmare behind us once and for all. Grazie Italia! Grazie.


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