You are one crazy dude, Paul…

So, let me understand this logic. (Bear with me.) You have a perfectly healthy child, and so you then get this brilliant idea to continually inject him or her with an assortment of killed or live viruses, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, animal(or)bug DNA, and aborted human fetal cells. (Theoretically, to KEEP the child healthy.) You know, stuff no sane person would dare put into their morning coffee, orange juice, or tea. Not even if someone paid them lots of money. And at exactly the same period of time this is going on over the course of many years, our children are becoming increasingly sicker, not healthier? Infinitely sicker. Our children were ONCE healthy, and now they’re not. That’s just plain crazy, man. How ’bout we just leave them alone for a change?
“[Vaccines] would have to be that safe because we’re giving them to healthy children.”
— Paul Offit, MD, pediatrician

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