While Trump is goofing off trying to save his skin from whatever he got mixed up in with the Russians and from all those stupid moves like firing Comey and pulling out of the Paris climate accord that have vastly complicated his life and distracted the public’s attention, countless people are still being injected with vaccines daily and the health and productivity of our population is being decimated. Wake up Trump. If you really were screwing with us about looking into the safety of vaccines, then just come out and say you never believed any of that anti-vaxxer stuff to begin with. If you weren’t and you truly believe vaccines are injuring and killing our children, and still you do a big fat nothing about it, then you are complicit and just as bad (or worse) than the Paul Offits and David Gorskis of the world. Look at yourself in the mirror and think of all those children you could’ve saved, but haven’t because of sheer incompetence or plain disinterest.


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