Vaccine hesitancy is not just some passing fancy

A word to the wise to all those misguided and thick-headed doctors, public health officials, legislators, and media lackeys who cling to this crazy notion that they can change or reverse “vaccine hesitancy”—Don’t bother. Give it up. You’re wasting your time. Really. You seem to be of the same mind as those lunatics who believe homosexuality is just a passing fancy and thus eminently reversible. Uh, no. Anyone who is seriously hesitant about vaccines has already done more homework on vaccines than any of you ever will. So you’re not going to convince them to see things your way, particularly not if you are willing to answer a few simple, basic questions for them. The moment you open your mouths and start blurting out all those predictable clichés and platitudes, the sad superficiality of your understanding will be revealed and you will quickly drive the parties in question even farther over to the so-called “dark side.”


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