7 reasons to remind people why they should avoid drinking the vaccine Kool-Aid

So here’s how we know for sure that the mainstream vaccine paradigm is wrong. First, there is no such thing as “herd immunity” when it comes to vaccination. That’s a myth. Second, the MMR/autism paper by Dr. Andrew Wakefield was neither fraudulent nor debunked. That’s a lie. Third, vaccines were not responsible for the overall decline in the incidence and mortality of infectious diseases during the 20th century. That is false revisionist history. Fourth, vaccines do not provide immunity. People who are fully vaccinated can still get the diseases against which they were vaccinated. Fifth, there has never been a prospective long-term and large study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated people to determine the safety of vaccines. There is no reliable system that accurately tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. And seventh, doctors are not experts on vaccines. To the contrary, they know little or nothing of any consequence about them. There you have it. Uh, so remind me again why it is that they insist on injecting us and our children with toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and foreign DNA matter… into our bloodstreams and brains over and over again?


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