Vaccine-speak is Gospel, so preach it

Do not ever be shy or reluctant to share the breadth of your knowledge about vaccines anywhere or with anyone. Always speak plainly, enthusiastically, boldly. Never back down. Never. Always welcome every opportunity to educate, teach, preach. This is the stuff of Gospel, so speak with passion and confidence and force, because you are on the right side of history. In all likelihood, if you have researched for weeks and months and have dug down past all the mainstream stuff, you know a lot more about vaccines than the average doctor, nurse, scientist, public health official, legislator, journalist, parent, citizen. I have no doubt about that. Every day, I marvel at the level of ignorance, illogic, and apathy on the part of vaccine apologists. I would like to repeat those sacred words… “Forgive them, for they know not what they do” but the truth is that many apologists do, in fact, suspect the harm they are doing or defending but simply choose to remain in the closet because the alternative is to realize and begin to process the unfathomable horrific tragedy to which they’ve contributed. You are on the right side of history and they are, well… they are so damn wrong.


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