Doc, you’re fired, and good riddance

“Should You ‘Fire’ a Patient for Refusing Vaccines?”

No, you see they’ve got this completely bassackwards. It is the doctors who serve the people. It is the people who hire THEM, not the other way around. It is the people who fire doctors for providing such shoddy service and for destroying their health and the health of their children. Good riddance to incompetent and arrogant doctors.


One thought on “Doc, you’re fired, and good riddance

  1. People are too frightened to “”fire their doc”” worried they might need his care one day.          Fire the bastards, and stay healthy.   I always thought I needed to be near a hospital as I got older, after seeing the care they gave my mother, no thanks, I wanna get as far away from mainstream medicine as I can.  And damn I was a pathologist and chemical analyst.      Pathologists are ignored,  ie  sin han LEE, while Merck PR teams are worshipped.

    Tried to leave a reply under you facebook page, but it keeps deleting it. Seems someone doesn’t want me to communicate with USA, and damn contacting friends in Australia, is getting damn hard. Anyway Australia mobile 0406668237 or if that fails, the new mail server in Switzerland

    If you know a search engine, outside of USA, that’s good, let me know. I used a Chinese one for a while, when my Microsoft was playing up big time, a while back 🙂

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