Uh, no Paul…

“Herd immunity just means that enough people are vaccinated in the population so that the virus or the bacteria has a lot of trouble spreading from one person to the next because so many people are vaccinated.” — Paul Offit, MD

Yeah, uh, no Paul. The degree of a community’s immunity to a disease is not based on the number of people in that community being vaccinated. It is based on how healthy the people in that community are. And, of course, any half intelligent person knows that health never comes from a needle containing a witch’s brew of toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and foreign DNA matter. In fact, the opposite is true. To a large degree, good health is attained by avoiding consumption of or contact with toxic chemicals, heavy metals and foreign DNA matter (… along with good nutrition and plenty of clean water, sleep, exercise and sunlight). Your vague notion of what herd immunity is is not only childishly simplistic and naive, it is obscenely wrong.


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