Obama’s $400,000 speaking fee

Yeah, the problem with Obama getting paid $400,000 by a Wall Street firm to give a speech (one speech) is that it demonstrates a huge degree of tone deafness. (Akin to that famous tin ear of Mitt’s.) It is precisely the anger and frustration of the American public toward Wall Street and the social and economic elites in our society that have given us Donald J. Trump. It is stupid stuff like this by people who should know better that fuels the image of Democrats and liberals being nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who are every bit as immoral, greedy, self-centered, and uncaring as the Republicans and conservatives they all-high-and-mightily preach against. Really Obama? Remember when you so wisely said that the key to good foreign policy making is to avoid doing “stupid stuff?” Well, this is stupid stuff. Really, you can’t see how badly you’re screwing us here? Bill and Hillary, with all their corruption, greed, and lies, handed us Trump on a silver platter. Now, we’re stuck with this child lunatic for God knows how long. You’ve learned nothing from that?


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