A baldness vaccine. Hmm, looking, looking…

 It’s like vaccines are the miracle cure for anything and everything that ails humankind. There has got to be a vaccine for male baldness, right? Now, that would be the holy grail of vaccines. Let’s do a Google search and see what we find. (type type type…) “Hair loss after routine immunizations.” Uh, no. (type type type…) “Severe Hair Loss Induced by Anthrax Vaccine and Reversed by the Treatment With Zinc.” Ugh. (type type type…) “Barely There — Life After Gardasil Related Hair Loss.” Getting depressed now. (type type type…) “Dog Bald Spot After Rabies Vaccine.” Okay okay, I guess there isn’t a vaccine being developed to prevent baldness, just a lot of vaccines causing baldness.


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