To my good conservative friends

To my good conservative friends who think I’ve not expressed sufficient outrage at liberals for their scandals, crimes, and sins… let me just say that I do not place liberals (politicians or otherwise) on a higher pedestal than conservatives. I think having liberal political, economic and social views do not make people more noble or honest or gracious. Ditto for those who hold conservative political, economic and social views. For example, I will be the first to state loudly that I believe Bill Clinton was one of the worst presidents in US history. I think he more than deserved to be impeached for the crime of perjury, and I think it was a huge injustice that he was not removed from office altogether. I also believe that John F. Kennedy may be the most over-rated US president in history. Both of these men have also particularly earned my repulsion because of the manner in which they treated women. They used and abused them, and then they lied about it and tried to cover it all up. So there. Now, obviously I have tons to say about guys like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. But no need. You can well guess. Now, please allow me to focus on the present and the current lunatic we have in high office and the existential threat he poses for our imperfect democracy.


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