Devin Nunes is a dunce

If Rep. Devin Nunes thought he was being loyal and helpful to Trumpy last week, he was mistaken. By running to the White House before advising and consulting with fellow members of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, of which he serves as Chair, he undercut his credibility and the credibility of the Committee to undertake a fair and unbiased investigation of Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russian government. Now, the calls for a special bipartisan commission to investigate Trumpy/Russia will grow much louder. If Nunes had not so blatantly shown that his primary loyalty is to Trumpy and not to his own office, committee, and constituents (as it should be), he would have maintained his ability to guide and somewhat control the process of the House investigations into the Trumpy/Russia affair. Now, the guy is almost useless to Trumpy. The list of incompetents in Trump’s circle just continues to expand.


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