Yeah sure, call it an obsession

Yes, to a certain extent, I suppose I am “obsessed” with this so-called “President” of ours. But then one wouldn’t be a good citizen if, in the face an imminent threat to our democracy, one remained silent, passive, and sitting on the sidelines twiddling one’s thumbs. It’s the same with the issue of vaccines. Really? Our government is mandating that we repeatedly inject our children with poison under the guise of “hey, it’s good for them,” and we’re expected to humbly submit? Nah. Ain’t gonna happen. Trump is akin to vaccines, as far as I’m concerned. He is poison for our public discourse, our human and civil rights, our foreign and domestic policies, and our economy. So, yes, call it obsession. Or you can simply think of it as being a good citizen who cares about the future we are leaving for our children.


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