OMG, the lying

What those of us who are involved in the movement to uncover the truth about vaccines detest are lies. We are disgusted by the endless lies with regard to the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective. If we wish to be consistent, then we should also be disgusted by the seemingly endless string of lies of our so-called “President.” Yes, both liberals and conservatives, left-wingers and right-wingers lie. So do Christians and non-Christians, for that matter. That’s an unfortunate given. But we’re talking a completely new level of lying that we in the United States have never seen of anyone who occupies the Office of the Presidency. It is a manner of lying that rises to such dizzying heights that it can only be attributed to mental illness. The magnitude may be unsurpassed in the politics of this nation. It may only be surpassed by the mainstream positions on vaccines.


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