No, not “a mess”

No Trumpy, you didn’t inherit “a mess”. You inherited a stable and growing economy and one, rather than two, wars. Gasoline prices are extremely low. Interests rates are extremely low. Inflation is extremely low. Unemployment is extremely low. We’ve made great strides in transitioning to more efficient and sustainable sources of energy. The stock market has been booming for years. The US auto industry is selling lots of cars and trucks and the Big Three auto companies are doing just fine. The housing market has been on a steady upward climb. And household wages have been slowly improving.

ISIS has lost more than half its territory in Iraq and Syria to US-backed forces, and the US has avoided becoming entangled in new nation-building schemes around the world. You may think things could’ve been a lot better during the past eight years, but the reality that things are not “a mess,” particularly given where we started out in 2009, when the US economy was on the brink of collapse. Now THAT was a big mess. I know I know, you stink at history and academics, in general. But pick up a book or two and refresh your memory about the country Dubya handed over back then.


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