“By perpetually painting anti-vaxxers as deluded into believing the same, totally disproven ‘fact’ that vaccines cause autism, scientists, public health and medical professionals and vaccine supporters underestimate or misunderstand the very population they’re trying to engage. Making anti-vaxxers into convenient caricatures causes people to feel disrespected. It certainly doesn’t win them over, and most are tired of being on the defensive instead of being heard. While some may adhere to what we might call ‘pseudo-science,’ many anti-vaxxers are well-educated and science-literate. If anything, they’re over-informed, versant in many facts, and not just ‘anti-science.’ Most have done significant research…” — Noelle Sullivan, AlterNet

The above is an interesting excerpt from the article “Telling the Anti-Vaccine Community They’re Wrong Has Been Tried for Years Now, and It Doesn’t Work—Here’s Another Approach“. I find it fascinating because of the patronizing tone. Ah, so we’re “over-informed” are we? We’re “well-educated and science-literate” are we? But still, we’re “anti-science” are we? By the way, in all my debates about the dangers of vaccines and the myths underpinning mainstream vaccine thinking and the shameful ignorance of most doctors and nurses about vaccines, I have never felt like a “caricature.” Nor have I ever felt disrespected, really. To feel that way would require me feeling like a don’t know what I’m talking about. What I HAVE felt is sadness and pity for the other side, because ignorance, laziness, and a sheer lack of interest and curiosity on an issue of this historic magnitude where the health and lives of countless people, particularly children, are at stake is pathetic and unforgivable.

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