Trumpy scams the American people… again

On the matter of Trumpy “donating his Presidential salary to charity,” let’s remember that that’s NOT what he promised. He said he would not ACCEPT a salary. Second of all, we know that Trump is a serial liar, so it is unlikely he will donate anything to charity. Third of all, if he DOES donate his $400,000 annual salary, he would claim a $150,000 tax write-off. Which means that the US Treasury (yes, us the taxpayers) would lose $150,000 in tax revenue. So, in the end, not only would the US Treasury be out $400,000 in terms of the salary, it would also lose an additional $150,000. The US taxpayer loses big time. It would be better if Trumpy just kept his salary, admitted he was just kidding around, and actually paid taxes on it like every good American does. So, see… this is yet another scam. And the amazing thing is that people actually fall for it and, even worse, find all manner of ways to excuse it.


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