Get it through your thick heads. More access to health insurance is NOT “healthcare.”

All government “healthcare” reform initiatives, including the new “Trumpcare” bill, are destined to fail. They will not work so long as they ignore the primary reason healthcare costs and health insurance rates are so expensive and keep rising at remarkable speeds. The reason is simply that Americans are a chronically sick and increasingly fat people. So the question is, “Why is this so?” (Well, just about everybody knows the answer to that.) It has nothing to do with access to healthcare. In fact, creating more access to medicines, doctors, and hospitals may make matters worse. Why? Because mistakes by doctors and nurses and other healthcare “professionals,” along with prescription drugs, are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer. (God, don’t even get me started on vaccines and pesticides and industrial waste!) Imagine that. And if that is true, then consider all the harm and injury they are causing as well. So whether it is Trumpcare or Obamacare, it’s all the same. They do not address the central cause of our healthcare misery, they only seek to respond to the symptoms. It is the same with Western medicine in general: It doesn’t cure. It masks, it suppresses. And that is not the way to solve anything.


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