You’re killin’ us here Mr. Prez. Absolutely killin’.

DDear Mr. President, all politics aside. Your credibility seems to be taking a giant hit these days. Even more so than usual, what with your latest unsubstantiated (and very likely false) claims about being wiretapped by your predecessor and your outright false tweet about the “122 vicious prisoners” released by the Obama administration from Guantanamo. So you may now be hurting us here on the vaccine issue. How exactly do you expect the American public to even remotely take you seriously about the harm that vaccines do to countless people, and notably about the possible link between vaccines and autism? It now feels like you’re actually hurting our cause. We already have to deal with the “crazy label” for doubting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Now, you may be making it much worse for us. “Ah, you believe what Trump believes? Well, then you MUST be crazy.” The vaccine safety commission idea was a stroke of genius, mind you. (By the way, what’s up with that?) But you’re doing us no great favors at the moment.


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