Mighty stupid spending

Some people have this strange idea that if you just spend a lot more money on military hardware that you can make our military stronger and our country more secure and thus safer. This is akin to the kind of logic that argues that more medicine is better, the more vaccines the healthier. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. By spending scarce financial resources on expensive gadgets and machinery that will likely never be used against our recognized, perceived, or unforeseen enemies, all we’re doing is making defense contractors and their stockholders wealthier and happier. (Same as we do with pharmaceutical companies.) So we continue to go into more debt and invest even less in those things that truly make us a better (healthier) people and a stronger nation. Meanwhile, we kid ourselves about our growing might, pridefully beat our chest and wave our flag and yell our empty slogans, and then appear perplexed why it never seems to be sufficient, why we never get enough respect. How stupid..


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