Dum dee dum. Still waiting on the CDC director thingy.

Dear Mr. President, all politics aside. Okay, you still haven’t appointed a new Director for the CDC. Not sure what you’re waiting for here. This one’s a really big one. Perhaps the biggest one if you really believe that vaccines are waging havoc on the health of our population, particularly our children. Glad to hear you’re still planning to move ahead with the commission on vaccine safety. (You’re still more than welcome to use the name I suggested—”The President’s Commission on Autism and Vaccine Safety.” All yours.) It would be nice if you pushed that process along a little faster, but I understand these things take time. Not so for the directorship of the CDC. My gosh, that post doesn’t even require Senate confirmation. So, what’s the hold up? This one’s a breeze. One simple stroke of the pen, and you may save lots and lots of lives. That is power.


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