A leaky White House

Here’s a thought. We know that there appears to be chaos within the White House. There have been consistent reports that demoralized White House staffers themselves have been regularly calling reporters to vent their concerns and frustrations. One of the emerging narratives on the firing of Michael Flynn is that US intelligence agencies leaked classified information to the media about Flynn’s meetings with Russia’s US ambassador and contacts with Russian intelligence agents and then proceeded to lie about these meetings, at least to VP Pence. Now, Trump and some Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are pushing for investigations into these so-called illegal leaks from the intelligence community.

Democrats believe this is an attempt to distract the public from the real issue, which is the secret dealings by Trump and his close advisers with the Russian government prior to the presidential election, which leads to concerns about the President of the United States being compromised with regard to the Russians… not to mention the role Trump may have played in encouraging the Russians to influence the outcome of the election. But nobody appears to have seriously considered the possibility that US intelligence officials shared information about Flynn with the White House, and that then White House staffers leaked that info to the media. In other words, that Trump’s trouble with leaks is due to his poorly run White House.


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