‘So what’s going on with autism?’

Okay, again, all politics aside President Trump. Your question to Virginia public school principal Jane Quenneville this morning was right on. “So what’s going on with autism? When you look at the tremendous increase, it’s really such an incredible—it’s really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase. Do you have any idea?”

Those simple words are potentially more historic than you can imagine. They hold so much hope for so many people. Instinctively, you know something is desperately wrong. Go with your gut. You sense there is a connection with vaccines. On this issue you are wiser and more correct than you may ever know. Your final words to Jane are even more momentous, powerful. “Maybe we can do something.”

Maybe we can do something, indeed. I know you’re mulling over this vaccine commission thingy. The idea is nagging at you, won’t leave you be. You know you need to do this, despite all the pleading to the contrary from your advisers. Call up RFK Jr. Give him the green light. Now. An Executive Order is all it takes. I’ll even give you the name for it. “The President’s Commission on Autism and Vaccine Safety.” Cool, huh? It’ll be huge.


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