The hole that Donald dug

There is a narrative emerging that the reason Trump is having so much trouble is all due to those horrible liberals who are just unwilling to give him a chance. Ugh. Unwilling to give him a chance? You mean like how sweet and gracious and magnanimous the opposition was toward President Obama from Day One? Right. No. The reason Trump is wallowing in such a filthy mess is because he has a nasty and vindictive personality and has sought, through one after another ill-conceived Executive Orders, to implement problematic policies that are being struck down by the courts or opposed by The American People on the streets. The guy has a tin ear that is even worse than that of Mitt Romney. He has poor and petty and unpleasant advisers. He has dug a hole for himself, and he keeps digging. So blame liberals and leftists and Democrats if it helps ease your pain. But this delusion isn’t going to make the problems go away. Keep digging, and watch America go down the tube. Make America Great Again? Good luck with that.


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