Killing the best illegal immigration policy ever. Brilliant.

Here’s how the brilliant mind of Donald Trump ticks. The United States has an illegal immigration problem—mostly as a result of Central Americans (… remember, Central Americans aren’t the same as Mexicans) desperate to leave their home countries due to the unbearable crime and violence (stimulated by the drug and gun trade with the US) there. So, Donnie-boy’s brilliant idea is to build a big wall all along the US southern border with Mexico. (Ah, the guy’s such a great builder. The best builder in the world.) And he says… “Hey, don’t worry, the Mexican government will pay for the wall.”

But here’s the little problem, ya see. The Mexican government adamantly says to Donnie… “You’re freakin crazy, man. We ain’t paying for no wall. Nunca. Go blow dry your hair or powder your face or something.” Ah, says, Donnie-boy… fine then, we’ll just cancel NAFTA, the trade treaty with the US that has stimulated so much job creation and economic growth for Mexico over the past decade. That’s bound to show them who’s boss now. So Donnie-boy sacks NAFTA. Mexico’s economy goes south. And guess what? Millions of unemployed and desperate Mexicans start pouring across the border again… just like in the pre-NAFTA days.

What Donnie-boy’s brilliant mind failed to grasp (even a tiny bit) was that NAFTA was the best illegal immigration policy the US ever negotiated. So, instead of doing something to relieve the illegal immigration problem in the US, Donnie-boy has actually made the problem much much worse. Oh, and the wall? Yeah, Mexico’s still ain’t paying one red cent for it. Guess who gets stuck with the bill? Right.


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