Thin skin leads to melt downs. (Which lead to chaos.)

Trump melts down on Twitter: ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’

Here we go. The thin skin is really starting to show, and the guy hasn’t even taken the oath of office. This is one of the big big problems with sociopaths who have a huge narcissistic streak: They are incapable of focusing on the important matters because they are so easily consumed by the little, insignificant stuff, making them so painfully easy to manipulate and distract. For those who fear Trump’s “agenda” (whatever that is), they should be comforted by the likelihood that little, if any, of it will be implemented, because that would require focus and consistency of effort. For those who look forward to Trump undoing much of the Obama administration’s legacy (such as Obamacare), I think they will be disappointed at how long it will take (if ever)… again, because of the lack of focus and consistency. It is hard to implement a new agenda in Washington, DC. It may be almost as difficult to undo a prior one. A good leader can simply not allow personal annoyances, fears, and desires for revenge to consume him or her. It is a sure path toward self-destruction. A more regular and robust sleep cycle might help.


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