Just need a little boost

The original sales pitch for vaccines was that they would make people immune from certain diseases. In time, it became clear that vaccines DO NOT provide immunity but rather merely stimulate an immune response. In other words, that they stimulate the production of antibodies by the humoral part of our immune system. But, as many of us who have bothered to do our homework know, vaccine-induced antibodies, in and of themselves, do not equate to immunity. That is why so many people who are fully vaccinated still come down with the diseases against which they were vaccinated. Really? Yep.

So now that we know that vaccines do not confer immunity, what’s the new sales pitch? Ah, glad you asked. Now, you see, it’s about “boosting immunity.” The idea is that people already have a certain measure of immunity against diseases due to their… yep, their immune system. Our system just happens to need a little boost. That’s all. That’s why we should happily allow ourselves to be injected with harmful toxins that can lead to neurological damage and death. We need to lend a helping hand to our immune system. We should be grateful for all those toxins. I’m so ashamed.


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